We build machines that get products in great shape. Precision, reliability, robustness – that is what our name stands for. Since 1948.

About Us

We are an industry-independent moulding specialist and one of the leading manufacturers in this field. Our machines can process paste-like, pourable and gel-like mixtures and are used around the world to get food products, chemical and pharmacuetical goods in good shape. Our technologies meet the most exacting demands – for example in the production of brake linings. We develop tailored solutions in close partnership with our customers and act as a catalyst for our customers ideas and developments – and always as partners at eye level.

It all comes down 
to the mixture.

A mixture consisting of solid pieces with little adhesion? A thick, rich paste – firm with fine grains? Soft and velvety with a slow flow like thick honey? We assign mixtures the appropriate moulding technology based on their consistency and viscosity: pourable solids / paste mixture / gel-like mixture. In our laboratories at our Bad Schwartau production site, as well as locations outside of Europe, we find the way to make the right shape along with our customers.

Our experts will help you find the right machine for your needs.