Our credo:
Innovation – Efficiency –

Our focus: Getting your products in good shape!

Over 7 decades of working in a close relationship with our customers as well as constantly adapting to arising needs and developments have made K&S one of the leading manufacturers of forming machinery for the food industry.

This attitude has allowed us to widen our portfolio and continues to do so. We have also established customer bases in the pet food and pharmaceutical industries and are permanently looking for new ways of partnering with food manufacturers to increase their efficiency and drive for innovation.

From small to large, domestic to international, from focused on health and well-being to making sweet pleasures - Our customers come from diverse backgrounds. And that is what makes us look at each project individually to find the proper specific solution.

Krüger & Salecker
Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Benefit from 70+ years of experience!

We offer one-of-a-kind technologies that provide high throughput, individuality and reliability. Meeting our customers' specific and unique requirements is what allows us to constantly match the trends of today and of tomorrow. The very nature of our molding technologies opens up possibilities far beyond traditional food production and enables our customers to offer extraordinery products.

We make machines for production of cereal bars, cereal balls and other cereal products as well as nut paste bars, fruit paste bars, nut paste balls, fruit paste balls, Our portfolio includes :
- Machines for cereal bars, cereal balls and other cereal products
- Machines for fruit paste bars, fruit paste balls and other fruit paste products
- Machines for energy bars, energy balls and other energy products
- Rolling machines
- Molding machines for pharmaceuticals
- Moulding machines for starchless gummi production The technology allows production of sugar reduced natural snacks and candy.

Using new forms and sugar- and/or fatreduced thickeners are some benefits of our technology. With our equipment and our expertise, you are set for the development of the future.